With John Falocco

Bodyscapes 30FA4M Mag interviews John Falocco.

FA4M: Why are you a photographer/artist?

JF: I am an artist first. Photography is another media in which I am able to express my creativity. I was especially attracted to photography because of its black and white capabilities which were unique to photography.

FA4M: How long have you been producing your work?

JF: I have been working professionally as a photographer since 1979.

FA4M: How do you select the subjects of your work?

JF: I primarily shoot individuals that have something interesting about their face, a quality that will be interpreted well by the camera. Next is the physique. I am classically trained as an artist so I am more inclined to lean toward individuals with classical proportions.

FA4M: Who are your favorite artists?

JF: My favorite artists are two of the great geniuses of the Renaissance, Leonardo DaVinci, because of the way he interpreted light, and Michelangelo, because of the way he interpreted form. In photography, it is George Hurrell for the same two reasons.

FA4M: How do you describe your work?

JF: My work is classically inspired.

FA4M: What is the most satisfying moment of your production process?

JF: Post Production when I am alone with the image and can create the final look that is most satisfying to me.

FA4M: What are some of the challenges of your process?

JF: Every aspect of production: pre production, production, and post production all present challenges that are unique within themselves.

FA4M: What is beauty?

JF: This illusive quality is truly in the eye of the beholder and varies from individual to individual.

FA4M: What is erotic?

JF: I have asked myself the same question myself.  The lines are blurred as to what is sexy, sensual, artistic, graphic etc.

FA4M: You are also a fashion, fitness, beauty, and commercial photographer. What qualifies as fine art photography for you?

JF: Fine Art Photography incorporates the same compositional elements that apply to traditional painting, drawing, and sculpture coupled with style. A photograph can be technically correct but not particularly artistic because of the lack of compositional elements.

FA4M: You are also a designer/producer of swimwear and activewear. Tell us about that.

JF: Comfort, Fit, and Style is the goal that I have set for my swimwear/activewear collection. The collection of designs and quality-made products use the finest fabrics with attention to detail, are manufactured entirely in the United States, and create a truly masculine look for the body-conscious active man.


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