David Mendelsohn

I have been fortunate enough to be involved with photography ever since my Dad passed me his weary Argus C-3. Although it became another one of my interests, it evolved into a passion while engaged as a graphic designer for UNH and discovered that I preferred being behind the camera rather than my straight edge. While tenured there, my work began getting published by serious venues such as Print Magazine, Communication Arts , received an NEA grant , collected by the likes of Polaroid and invited to join Magnum. At that point, I decided it was time to migrate, to change career directions and pursue photography on a dedicated basis. That was approximately 25 years ago.

Photography has allowed me to see the world and enjoy an entree to people, locations and enriched by encounters which would normally be inaccessible. It has also helped satisfy a certain wanderlust , which is still, and likely will always be, nipping at my heels.

I've never quite lost my design background and seems to manifest itself in my work. I am attracted to the crisp and clean and strive to eliminate any unnecessary information, intentionally distilling my work down to fairly basic elements. I am also a large fan of formal composition and compelled to keep a certain visual harmony within the frame.

In a sense I work in abstractions, condensing a fairly complex world into small, digestible portions. I gravitate toward what might be described as a visual economy and in the end, I am most content when a viewer is left with few distractions and little doubt about what they are looking at.