Antonio Sanchez Baute

This talented painter did not arrive in the art world merely by chance. Baute’s grandparents influenced his artistic character with their Italian ancestry, which was an ideal compliment to the support he received from his father, a distinguished drawer and geographer, who was to become his first tutor during his early artistic years.

This seasoned artist sold his first painting at the age of thirteen during a small exhibition organized by his family. After this occurrence, Baute realized that his talent would take him in the direction he wanted to go. Therefore, this was how the artist began his search for an authentic style and a unique technique.

During the next four decades, the artist participated in exhibitions in Venezuela’s most exclusive galleries. This experience gave Baute the maturity and tenacity to develop his works with pastel on linen, an unusual technique that no one else had attempted to expand.

"In the beginning my thoughts regarding what I wanted to do were very scattered; however, with time and observation of the works of other artists, it occurred to me that I had to search for my own style and technique, which I believe I have found."

With this technique, Baute develops such a form that his works monopolize attention, they possess a magic that lingers in the minds of the public. Only the artists with ingenuity perfect the development of this mixture.

This eclectic artist’s subjects are simplistic in personality; it is a description of the movements of daily life, of the events that cubistically shape our lives.

The major ambition of Antonio Baute is to become appreciated through the experience, promotion, and evaluation of his works by his peers.