Joseph Caprio

Of Italian origin, Joseph Caprio has loved photography since he was a teenager. Since 1983, a large part of his work has been dedicated to the male nude. Caprio left work at a computer company when he decided to be a professional photographer in marketing and portraits while, of course, also producing work about the male body.

Caprio has had exhibitions in France, Belgium, Germany and Italy. He has contributed to many books including: Men, Bad Boys, Solos, Duos & Duels, Frutta & Verdura, hommes pour Hommes, Manatomy, Beachsboys, Lads, Bad, The Romantic Male Nude, Muse, Lovers, Dream boys. And he has been published in many magazines including: Blue Magazine, Babylonia, Gai Pied, Akut Magazin, Mate, Têtu, and Tribu move. Caprio created the very first advertising campain in France for AIDS.