Leonard Lewis

Leonard Lewis was born into the world of art, with each of his family members being primary influences in shaping his creative expression. For Lewis, communicating through art was always a natural form of self-expression and a personal necessity. He was given his first camera at the age of twelve. He is a self-taught photographer. While in his youth he was introduced to museums and fine art, photography, design, dance, fashion, music, pop culture, the creative arts, as well as the inherent beauty of nature. He was exposed to the timeless, classic works of the masters Michelangelo, Rodin, and Jean-Babtiste Carpeaux, iconic imagery to which he set his own personal standard. As a teenager, with his family, he moved from Houston, Texas to New York City, where he currently lives, finds inspiration, and works.

Lewis’ commercial success in fashion, portraiture, and advertising has spanned over twenty years. His work has appeared in many prominent international publications as well as in private collections.

Lewis has always been fascinated by the human body, in motion or at rest, stripped of adorned, as a work of art unto itself. Through his photographic imagery, he creates a visual representation of the human struggle of balancing the physical with our higher selves, the melding of flesh, form, and spirit, using the human body as his model to capture this elusive essence. He explores the human figure with light and shadow as if viewing a landscape of mountains and valleys, rolling hills or flat plains, a highlight to accentuate a muscle or soft curve of the flesh, evoking a compelling sense of intimacy, mystery, and intrigue to transfix and tantalize the viewer’s imagination.

Fine Art for Men interviews Leonard Lewis