Jerome Haffner

Jerome Haffner, 35, is a self-taught photographer who lives and works in Lyon, France. Jerome works with the body intimately and with its various expressions.

Jerome is interested in experience and authenticity. To create truer images, his models are non-professional models.  

Similarly, Jerome does not want to guide the viewer either. Let the thing speak for itself, Jerome declares. So the viewer can make his or her own relationship with his images.

  • 2012: Digital Art, Showroom “Id Art” (Deco & Design), Lyon
  • 2011: Digital Art, Showroom “Id Art”, Lyon
  • 2010: Group exhibition “Mickeyland”, Gallery Art Present, Paris
  • 2010: Digital Art, Gallery MO, Lyon
  • 2010: Group exhibition “Embryo”, Gallery Franklin, Lyon
  • 2010: Digital Art, Showroom “Kozac”, Lyon
  • 2010: Group exhibition “Saint Sebastian”, Gallery Oberkampf, Paris
  • 2009: Digital Art, Showroom “Id Art”, Lyon
  • 2008: Personal exhibition “Kill the Light”, Star Opera, Lyon
  • 2008: Digital Art, Showroom “House passion”, Lyon
  • 1995: Group exhibition, Gallery DOTFIFTYONE, Miami.