Domenico Cennamo

Originally born in Naples, Italy, Domenico Cennamo moved to Rome at an early age where he starting showing significant signs of artistic capability. His first contact with the image and the art world was through painting.  And it was immediately after completing his education at the Artistic College of Rome, that his destiny was clear for him.

Not surprisingly, he started studying Art History but soon stopped when he started working in the fashion industry as a booker in a model agency. After a few years of appreciating the artistry of human anatomy, he realized that his true dream was to see his male and female models photographed in a different way – a way that has become his unique and unusual photographic style.

Ever since, Domenico has been producing and publishing his photographic fashion work worldwide, including: USA, Canada, France, Italy, UK, Germany, China, Australia, Brazil, the Middle East…

In 2010 Domenico Cennamo published his well-received book of male nudes entitled “Before the Game”, edited by the German publishing house Bruno Gmuender.

The next year, he decided to try a new adventure in a brand new photography world for him: food photography, by capturing the beauty of the Haute Cuisine for the Michelin and Celebrity Chef, Gianfranco Chiarini, in his book “The New Renaissance of Italian Fusion Cuisine 2.0”.

Domenico Cennamo continues to work in painting, fashion photography, nude photography as well as food photography.

Fine Art for Men interviews Domenico Cennamo