Carmelo Blazquez Jimenez

Carmelo Blazquez Jimenez, 35, is from a town in Córdoba (Andalucía) in southern Spain called Fuente Carreteros.  He has lived in Barcelona for twelve years.

Jimenez studied photography in high school and IDEP Barcelona Design. He also studied Ancient World History and Art History.  About history, Jimenez says, “I have always been attracted to the ancient world, its art, its characters, and the conception of man and his world, a world that was eclipsed during the Middle Ages until the Renaissance.” 

Jimenez cites as his inspiration classical sculpture, the works of the old masters like Phidias, and the great masters of painting and sculpture of the Italian Renaissance. 

“If I had the skill,” Carmelo Blazquez Jimenez explains, “I would have been a sculptor.”  Photography also releases the figure from the stone – where the stone is the darkness and the figure, the form, is the light. 

Fine Art for Men interviews Carmelo Blazquez Jimenez