Marcus Mok

Marcus MokSingapore photographer Marcus Mok has been creating images professionally for over 15 years. His artistic male nude photographs have been acquired by the Singapore Art Museum, The Kinsey Institute in Indiana, The Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in New York and other valuable private collections around the world.  His work has been exhibited in Singapore, New Zealand, Sydney, Melbourne and New York City and has been featured in international publications in USA, Germany, Hong Kong, London, Japan, Singapore, Sydney and Melbourne.

Coming from a society that still imposes the anachronistic 377A rule criminalising homosexual acts, and where most forms of nudity are legally and culturally taboo, Mok has managed to work around the repression and successfully revealed the grace and beauty of the human form without resorting to saccharine images on the one hand, or overly explicit poses on the other.

In early 2002 when Mok decided to dabble in nude photography, the dearth of the Asian male nude, and in particular the artistic Asian male form, sparked his interest. He presented his first exhibition, Men of Silk, in Sydney in 2006, the first ever all-Asian male nude photography exhibition in the world, to critical acclaim.

Mok recently published a photobook of his artistic male nudes titled Liberate, showcasing some of his favourite images captured over the last 10 years.  Interspersed amongst the images are thought-provoking quotations, stimulating the mind and the spirit as well as the senses.  Liberate was launched in June 2011 in Singapore and has been sold around the world.

Through all his work, Mok has striven to show that beauty can be revealed – and even enhanced – using creativity and subtle techniques.

Fine Art for Men interviews Marcus Mok