Bogdan Stanga

Bogdan Stanga is an East-European photographer who grew up in a monochrome, urban environment. He studied and practiced photography from a young age, trying and experimenting different styles in search of his very own. His professional work began with digital photo retouching, which quickly lead him to realize that his vision would imply a different approach to photography - thinking and imagining the entire process backwards.

Bogdan does not take snapshots or retouch flawed photos. The final set-up, lighting and touch-ups have a clear place in his vision from the very beginning, whether he does commercial work, fashion photography or his controversial “boyscapes”. The constant pursuit of his own vision and creative satisfaction makes for a very personal approach to every model and set-up.

His extreme, cutting-edge retouching techniques make for vibrant and eccentric depictions of men and women in atmospheric environments. They become stories of texture and lighting. The tongue-in-cheek style of turning physical flaws into assets and wrapping the models in plastic beauty turns static reality into fantasy.  His images are a clever yet sexy, glossy and intimate view on an upgraded reality that begs to be observed as through a peep hole - with curiosity and fascination.