Felipe Rivas San Martín

Felipe Rivas San Martín is a Chilean visual artist and a queer intellectual. He was born in the city of Valdivia, in southern Chile, in 1982 and is currently based in Santiago, the capital of the country. He’s played a leading role in the formation of an intense scene of Sexual Dissidence in Chile, which links the art, politics, and critical questioning, of the cultural hegemony of sex and gender.

He founded “CUDS” (University Coordination of Sexual Dissidence) in 2002, one of the most representative groups of Chilean Sexual Dissidence. He led the first South American queer studies journal "Torcida", in 2005, and the website Disidenciasexual.cl.

In his aesthetic, he has developed a multidisciplinary body of work, encompassing performance art, video, net.artinterventions, as well as, works of painting, drawing, collage and installations. His work focuses on the inquiry into the production of identities (sexual, gender, race), the virtual media, and examining biographical and pornographic representation.

At a theoretical level, he has conducted research on queer-theory, post-feminism, gender performativity and post-Marxism. He participates regularly in seminars, art exhibitions, forums and conferences, along with publications on these specialized topics.