Manfred Paar

Born on 24, July, 1973 in Neunkirchen/Austria, my talent with brush and colour was already recognised in my early childhood. Because of my interest and love in art and my jobs at architecture practices the focus of my actions has always been on creativity.

As an autodidact I have been painting since 2000 and since then I have always been trying to refine my expression and technique.

Always in search of THE special expression in my art, I wanted to develop a unique and distinctive style. I believe that I’ve found my own style now and I want to turn over to a new chapter of my artistic work. From now on I’m going to concentrate mainly on the aesthetics of the male body in my works. Masculinity in all its facets will be expressed in tasteful compositions.

The paintings will emanate love for life and power - but also the sensibility behind the often far too perfect facade. In their own way the motifs are partly provocative but still deeply human.

By my artistic exploration the theme masculinity will be illuminated comprehensively and the man will be up heaved to an object of art.

The basic concept of a new painting is formed in my fantasy - before I set the first stroke of the brush, the ‘composition’ of the painting is already completed in my head.

My preferred material is acrylic on canvas, accomplished by highlights with leaf-gold and leaf-silver.

Beside nature and the human body in particular, I also get inspired by architecture and design. But also trends and lifestyle have a bearing on my paintings – thus my paintings always relate to the ‘here and now’.

In numerous single and joint exhibitions I had the possibility to show my works to a keen audience.

I’m looking forward to the adventure “Male-Art” and I’m hoping that my paintings will find great appeal.